Monetise trends that matter:

Trendmark extracts the "wisdom of crowds" out of internet search data.

Utilise this wisdom through reports, monitoring and the Trendmark library:

Custom report/index


Trendmark works together with you to create           

a comprehensive list of search terms that matter

to your sector:

- your company & competition

- sector trends, technologies



Monitor your custom list

Monthly basis: "Nowcasting"

Alerts on trend change

Market your brand by sponsoring a "white label" search index.

Trendmark library


- 250+ Technology Tracker

- 250+ Additional Trending Topics

- Growth Profiles and trend alerts.

- Periodical trend reports and white papers.

One single scale to plot all internet search

Consistency: A single consistent scale to measure all internet search enables the user to gain early insights into the big picture by connecting macro/tech trends to a micro/company level.

Significance: The context of comparable search terms determines the signficance of the level and change of a search frequency. For example companies and brands are searched fro more frequently than their underlying products, technologies, or local activities.

See video below for 3 minute pitch on how it works with a selection of examples, including the Fincog Challenger Bank index.

Trendmark can help you

Our services are particularly interesting for bloggers, influencers, thought leaders, investors, consultants and corporations.

Here are just a few examples.

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